We are proud to announce our brand new NO HASSLE TASSELS! 

These tassels ain’t made for furniture or drapes, these tassels are made for twirlin’! And they also just so happen to be  the first set of completely customizable tassels made to color coordinate with HardCore Pasties! Why settle for close enough? Your gorgeous HCPs deserve gorgeous tassels…you pick the head color, you pick the fringe, then just wait for the magic to arrive!

1. Pick a head color!

The heads of NHTs are made of the exact same materials as your HCPs and come in the same colors, guaranteeing design coordination and style!

2. Pick your fringe color!

This is where you can get really creative. Life isn’t matchy matchy!! With 10+ colors of fringe you can finally make that design statement!

$15 A PAIR 


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