Welcome to the HardCore Pasties Frequently Asked Questions page! We get a lot of questions about our products, so we have decided that the best thing to do is put a host of the answers in the same place. Hopefully this is useful to you. If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, or a suggestion for our FAQ page,  please do not hesitate to contact us!

 1. the cart didn’t add the shipping to my order? what’s up with that? what do i do?

Unfortunately our shopping cart is a little bit wonky, but please know that we are working to correct the issue. You have to click the update button! Then, and only then, will the price of shipping be added to the total in your shopping cart. And if your order went through, don’t worry! We will email you with the total amount of dollars needed to get your pasties and tassels to you. At that point, it’s up to you. Just PayPal that amount to HCP and you are done, and your order will be shipped pronto!

2. What size HardCore Pasties should I buy?

Well…that is entirely up to you! It can be a matter of coverage (aureola obscuring) or it can be about aesthetics (more bling or more naked). The point is that every tittie is one of a kind, every costume is unique, so there are different sized pasties to fit your specific needs. HardCore Pasties provides a very handy dandy guide, what we like to call the Tittie Tester for you to make your decision. The Tittie Tester is a printable guide that you can cut out and assemble to try on. It is the best way for you to choose the size HardCore Pasties! Click HERE to find the perfect pair of HCPs for you!

3. How do I keep HardCore Pasties on my boobs?

There are a number of different ways…and here they are!

a. Toupe tape – readily available at most hair supply stores, toupe tape is made to adhere to skin and is somewhat (and I say somewhat) moisture resistant. I like the brand Top Stick, it comes in pre cut pieces with a removable backing that are very easy to work with and are an industry standard. Some folks say that fashion tape will work as well, and comes on a nice little dispenser, but I know and trust Top Stick and it seems to be a little bit cheaper.

b. Double-sided Outdoor Carpet Tape – this is used by a LOT of busy showgirls! It is significantly cheaper than toupe or fashion tape and available at your local home improvement center (ie Home Depot, Lowes etc). Now there are a great many choices in the double sided tape world, and the consensus that I have found is the outdoor, all weather, heavy duty carpet tape with the fibers is the gold standard if you can find it. Some experimentation might be required on your part to find your perfect tape, but it won’t cost you a fortune while you are doing it.

c. Medical or Silicone Adhesive – I LOVE THIS STUFF! But it is really expensive! Upwards of $50 a bottle! Usually available only at theatrical supply stores or where theatrical makeup is sold. This is a silicone based adhesive that is used for medical prosthetics. It is hypoalergenic. It works on everyone. It is recommended for merkins (or as The Fox likes to call them – pussties). You will NOT lose a pastie. If you are a person who does a little more than glows when they are performing, medical adhesive is tried and true to keep you legal.

d. Pros-aide or Latex – this is what I tend to use. It is a latex based adhesive that is used extensively in the film industry for applying prosthetics (noses, monster faces etc.). It is a much stronger version of eyelash glue. I like the brand Pros-aide, and it is usually available at your theatrical supply stores, running anywhere from $10-20 per bottle. It is less than half the price of medical adhesive and is an economical solution for a busy, sweaty performer! The only problem is that it is a bit fussy. You have to apply the latex to your boob and your pastie, let them dry and then apply. It makes for a breezy dressing room, but in the end, if used correctly, latex is a great product.

e. Spirit Gum – this is old school. It is the adhesive of legends! Available at your theatrical supply and Halloween stores everywhere, and it is tempting. I don’t like it. It’s smelly. It’s fussy in the same way that latex is. And it has been known to stain light colored costume pieces. But it can work in a pinch.

f. Elmer’s Spray Glue or any spray adhesive – I don’t and won’t use this. But there are performers out there who swear by it (especially in the pusstie department). It is cheap. It is available everywhere. I just don’t think that it was developed to be used on skin. But it works.

4. Can I use HCPS to assel?

Sweet fancy Moses, of course you can! HCPs makes asselling a breeze because of our unique spinner system! We recommend that you order a pair of Small HCPs to make your asselling dreams come true. The Fox has found that the Small size is the most universally compatible with most booties! And another little tidbit of advice, use smaller tassels while asselling. Your bootie does not have nearly the centrifugal force that your boobs do, so there is no need to make your bootie work harder to get those tassels going.

5. Can I rhinestone my HardCore Pasties?

HELL YES! That is what they are there for – rhinestoning and twirling! HCP’s make the perfect base for you to bling. Being rigid, HCPs provide a smooth working surface that doesn’t flex. The flex is what causes rhinestones to pop off over time…the glue to cracks away from the stone as well as the base. HCP’s don’t do that. They are hard core! Another advantage to using HCPs as your base is that the material that HCPs are made of bonds beautifully with either E6000 or Gem Tack, making sure that your rhinestones are more permanently set, saving you time and money over the course of the lifetime of your HardCore Pasties.

6. Where are the tassels? Don’t all pasties come with tassels?

We sell our No Hassle Tassels a la carte, with so many different ways to go in your styling of your tassels and pasties we decided to leave that up to you. Our tassels are unique and customizable! The heads of our No Hassle Tassels are available in all of our HCP colors, along with your choice of color of fringe, providing a PERFECT customized match to your new pasties and costume. The fringe is made out of rayon, reducing the risk of wrinkled, frayed tassels making these tassels some of the most road worthy in the business.

7. Do I have to use No Hassle Tassels with HCPs?

No, you do not. We love our tassels and believe that you will too, but you do not have to use our No Hassle Tassels. HCPs are made with a small, low profile ring that makes it easy to use a standard jewelry clasp to attach your own tassels. And quite honestly, you can use HCPs without tassels just as well as with them. Think of HCPs as the perfect pastie base, ready for rhinestones or tassels, ready to twirl or not.

8. Can I get adhesive off of HCPs?

Yes, you can. Any adhesive remover will work wonders on your HCPs without damaging the pastie itself. Unlike fabric based pasties, HardCore Pasties will not disintegrate under the application of acetone or alcohol, they retain their shape and integrity like the day you took them out of the box.

9. Can I use HardCore Pasties while I am nursing?

You bet your boobs you can! HCPs are waterproof and dishwasher safe! No more soggy pasties!

10. How long will my HCPs last.

Forever. If you don’t hit them with a hammer, or run over them with your car. You can actually pry off any decoration and repurpose your HCPs.

11. How long does my warranty last?

We believe so strongly in the durability of our pasties that every pair of HCPs comes with a one-year warranty. The only pasties warranty in the business! If anything goes wrong with your HCPs we will replace them for you pronto. As long as you have your e-receipt, we have got your rack!

12. How long will it take for my HCPs to arrive in my hot little hands?

We tend to ship your order within 3-5 days of receipt of your order. We then ship domestically through the USPS using their amazing Priority option. Your receive your order in 2 or 3 days of  the ship date!

If you are overseas or in Canada, you have a couple of options. You can opt for 1st Class shipping (the “slow boat to China route”) or you can go for a the quicker International Priority route (6-10 business days). But our shipping buttons are a wee bit wonky. Make sure that AFTER you choose your country to ship to CLICK THE UPDATE BUTTON…you will THEN (and only then) be given the option of 1st Class or Priority shipping.